Ways to Find Your Missing Phone

When you lose your phone, you’d regret if you haven’t taken those precautions and protective measures to make this sure that once it’s stolen or gone, you can easily trace your lost cell phone. However the ability to track & retrieve your missing phone is possible now with the advanced mobile monitoring technology.

Here https://geolocaliserunportable.fr mention the best 3 methods you can follow to trace your missing phone.


To have the uniqueness of every mobile, they have unique identifier called IMEI. IMEI is unique only to the device on the phone, not to phone subscriber. Each cell phone in this world would have unique IMEI code set by the phone maker, similar to car that has a unique number.

IMEI number has been used by GSM network providers to classify the device that are connected to its own network. It is possible to contact the network provider through this and you can stop it from being used and accessing the data or track your phone.

By typing *#06# on your keyboard, you can automatically search your phone’s IMEI number & it will display string of 15 unique numbers. Your IMEI cell phone number reflects this number. You should report your stolen phone & email IMEI code to network operator so that they can either block or track your cell phone.


Apparently, if you have mobile device of Samsung or any other Android operating system, you can use any of Google’s services to monitor your missing phone. The best ways is to use the Android System Manager to monitor your cell phone. You’ll already have access to Android System Manager if you are having Gmail account. Make sure you pair your Google account with mobile devices that are based on Android.

To pair your devices, you should visit Device Manager Website here. Google Location details are another choice. Location history must be activated and any mobile device you have will be monitored & only you will be able to see them. It will also show you your mobile device’s timeline & you can trace the mobile device’s footprint wherever it has moved.

  1. TRACK using Mobile Software

Using an app is the easiest way of monitoring your missing phone. This app needs to be installed in prior on your cell phone & can be instantly activated to monitor your missing phone via another laptop or mobile. This can also lock your cell phone remotely or uninstall the phone instantly until you know that your cell phone is stolen or lost.