Know The Real Truth About Kegel Exercises

Most of the women suffer with the lack of urinary bladder control, urinary incontinence etc. To avoid such problems, women should include Kegel exercise as a regular part of their routine. These exercises help them in tightening the pelvic muscles, thereby preventing urinary incontinence and many other related problems.

When you include Kegel exercise as regular part of your lifestyle, it will help you to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and makes you to stay healthy and happy. These exercises work precisely by improving circulation of blood to all regions of pelvic area like uterus, rectum etc. Most of the women suffer with the muscle healing after delivery. When you started doing Kegel exercise regularly after delivery, it is for sure that you achieve speedy healing and repair of muscles.

Nowadays, people want to live a sedentary lifestyle which is considered as fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. People feel lazy to do any physical activities and exercise, which results in some disorders in our body. Pelvic floor muscles in Women get weak due to number of factors such as menopause, delivery, pregnancy and obesity.

When women keep on sitting without doing any physical work, it indirectly meant that they are going to suffer with pelvic muscle disorder in future. Most of the women feel that Kegel exercises are not good for health. They have some myths about Kegel exercise, which are not true. Let us discuss these myths:

  1. When you do Kegel Exercises, there is no improvement in preventing urinary incontinence. But, pelvic exercises are considered one of the best preventive methods against stress urinary incontinence.
  2. You may think like when your pelvic muscles get strong, you can stop doing Kegel exercises. But, taking Kegel exercise as part of your lifestyle helps you better.
  3. Using Kegel exerciser will reduce the effectiveness of Kegel exercise. But, it is not as both equally benefit you. One of my Kegel tools like Kegel balls gives you the same result as you do Kegel exercise.
  4. You may come across many women who stopped doing Kegel exercises only due to myth. They thought that doing Kegel exercises cannot help to locate the right set of pelvic floor muscles. But, it may take some time before you find the right group of pelvic floor muscles, it is definitely not impossible.

Thus, most of the women believe all those myths, which in turn a serious cause for them to suffer with urinary incontinence or other problems. It is better to do Kegel exercises or use Kegel exerciser to prevent such symptoms.