There is a growing voice from everyone and we have to work unitedly to make our future strong. We need to work with a single motive to promote local business and give all possible support. we-r-1.org believe that every small contribution will help to turn this idea into reality.

Before you buy anything from next time, check if it is Made in America be it apparel or large home appliance, small value item like Pen or costly item like jewellery.

When Made in America festival was held 2 years back in Philadelphia, it was so amazing to see American culture at the forefront. The “Made in America” theme impressed everyone and we are committed to carry it forward.

We will help you to become aware about the American brand and you can search for all from our online database which list more than 40K businesses around. We also plan to introduce local community guide who can be of your assistance in case of urgency.

We also welcome every business member to register with us; they will add the real value to every consumer to check before they buy any product. Every consumer should check the brand before buying to see if they are Made in America product.

We welcome all suggestion from citizens to make our movement a success.