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How To Stop RFID Pickpockets Using Anti-Theft Backpack?

Pickpocketing is a form of theft that involves the stealing of money or other valuables from the person and it happens without any notification of him. This is usual way of pickpocketing, but now there is different kind of pickpocketing called “electronic pickpocketing”.

How do RFID Pickpockets Work?

best anti theft backpack buy onlineTech-Savvy Pickpockets are also known as “Digital Thieves”. These thieves are very smart and, they will silently download your personal credit card information and identity card information using skimming devices. The skimming device can be mobile phone or a device that are simply held close to your wallet or purse to scan your data.

This technique is possible, because most of the newly issued credit cards, driver’s licenses and all passports have embedded RFID chips. RFID chips send out electromagnetic signals with all your information stored on the particular card to electronic readers to capture.

If they are hacking your passport, they will get even photograph printed in your passport. Actually, RFID technology is a good thing, but in the hands of RFID pickpockets, it can be devastating.

RFID Blocking Technology:

Most of the latest travel wallets, purses, backpacks and other gear have RFID shielding built into the material for your security and peace of mind. Wallets, Bags and other gear having RFID blocking feature look like ordinary wallets and bags. Depending upon the brand, design of the product may vary accordingly.

In these bags, RFID shielding provided to the entire product or some dedicated pockets in bags may have RFID shielding. In such case you have to place wallet or credit card or ID card or passport in those RFID protective pockets.

You are most vulnerable to pickpockets, both regular and electronic, in crowded situations or in places where you place things down like hanging out of your bag in a restaurant. The result will be electronically pickpocketing your things, so you consider to carry your valuables in an anti-theft backpack.

Anti-Theft Backpack with RFID:

Backpacks with excellent features like RFID protectors, USB charging port, hidden compartments, strong straps, hidden zippers etc. is known as anti-theft backpack. All top anti-theft backpacks come with RFID feature and no need to worry about skimming.

You can place all your important valuables like credit cards, ID cards, passport etc. in RFID protective pockets present inside the backpack. When you are travelling long by carrying such important valuables, it is better to use an anti-theft backpack to carry all the valuables safely.