Amulets Collections

I was 10 year old when I used to read old monk stories which use to explain how monks in those days used to bring power in amulets. Those monks built special amulets, & amulets once they are dead the amulets which depict them will also be made. I was thinking everything was so mysterious & cool.

But later I got to know that they are expensive and the rare Thai amulets are highly expensive. I began buying rare & unique amulets as a hobby but I will collect trade & sell to make huge money.

I’ve got about 60 bits. I collect only amulets which will be 60 years aged at least.

I have 2 favorites in this one is 100-year-old handmade Hanuman coin (a monkey who aided Prince Rama in his attempt to save his loving wife Sita devi from the hold of evil giant who is king Ravana of Ramayana epic) and a tiger’s figure that’s carved into tiger fang created during King Chulalongkorn’s reign.

There are lots of amulets.. So, how to pick the right amulet you need?

Age do matters because powerful monks took long time to create these amulets back then, but now its created every amulets in bulk. Many monks nowadays only bless amulets which are mass-produced. It’s not at all unusual. I really bother a lot for authenticity genuine amulets are real expensive.

This one has goat figure, for example, is to attract female (as male goats retain a female harem).

This is a goat’s carved horn. But it’s not the horn of any goat; this should be the horn of a goat which is dead by lighting hit. And in only one way, the carving can be finished. The demands are very precise. So you will see these amulets very rare now.

I will honestly claim that collecting these rare amulets is definitely better than storing stocks, since amulets value will raise stock price may go up & down.

How to find legit monk?

A monk has to show first that he has supernatural abilities. In front of devotees Monk has to pierce his nose, I have seen a monk display his strength. He didn’t bleed and he himself cleaned his nose & healed himself.

Few monks specialized in mystical tattoos, and these individuals will go to trance when they tattoo people and begin to behave like how the tattoo is. So if that tattoo (for protection) is magical tiger, this individual will begin to run, growling like tiger. Many Thais had been so nuts about JatukamRamathep amulets a couple of years ago, but it is only mass-produced from some ordinary monks who are just trying to get money for temples.